Effective 11APR22, in accordance with the most recent and most significant change published by the CDC, DoD and DON, FRCSE will implement the following mask and COVID mitigation strategy:

When the COVID-19 Community Level is High in the county where an FRCSE facility is located, indoor mask wearing shall be required for ALL service members, federal civilian employees, onsite contractor personnel (collectively known as "DoD personnel"), and all visitors, regardless of vaccination status.  Additionally, a testing program for those who are unvaccinated will be required at the facility.
Environmental exemption (face covering):
MASKS WILL NOT BE REQUIRED in all non-air-conditioned spaces during hot/humid months (effective through 30 September). DoD guidance (Consolidated Department of Defense Coronavirus Disease 2019 Force Health Protection Guidance dtd 4 Apr 22) allows for the following exception: When environmental conditions are such that mask wearing presents a health and safety hazard (e.g., extreme elevated temperatures).
•    When the COVID-19 Community Level is Medium in the county where an FRCSE facility is located, indoor mask wearing is not required for DoD personnel or visitors, regardless of vaccination status.  A testing program for unvaccinated personnel shall be utilized during Medium as well.
•    When the COVID-19 Community Level is Low in the county where an FRCSE facility is located, indoor mask wearing is not required for DoD personnel or visitors, regardless of vaccination status.  A testing program is NOT required during Low.

Individuals may choose to wear a mask regardless of the COVID-19 Community Level.  

Community levels may be found at https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/your-health/covid-by-county.html.  Find community levels by "State or Territory" and then by "County or Metro Area."
When the Community Level shifts, an all hands message will be released alerting the workforce with specific guidance related to mask and testing requirements.  Be advised, that if you are not in Duval County, you are to follow the Community Level of the area you are located.  
For more information refer to CO’s Special Message 23-08.
Fleet Readiness Center Southeast's (FRCSE) main administrative spaces are located in Bldg. 101 at 101 Wasp St., onboard Naval Air Station Jacksonville (NAS JAX) in Jacksonville, Fla.

All visitors (military, government civilian, and contractor) must have a federal government or state issued photo identification for entrance onto NAS JAX.

For unescorted access/entrance into FRCSE buildings/hangars, visitors must be appropriately cleared via the submission of a Visit Access/Badge Request (VR) (FRCSE 5500/17 downloadable from the FRCSE SharePoint). Completed VRs should be submitted to Security personnel via email at jaxs_security_@navy.mil. The VR must identify the name and telephone number for the appropriate FRCSE point of contact (POC). Please allow at least five working days for processing. If independent access is not required, the visitor may gain access via an escort through their FRCSE POC. All escorts must possess a blue FRCSE badge (no contractors or authorized guests may escort). Escort required badges may be obtained at the FRCSE Quarterdeck.
Classified visits must submit a Defense Information Systems for Security (DISS) Visit Request to SMO code N658865 at least two working days prior to the start of the visit. FRCSE POC information must be the person who will be the sponsor, and include their phone number and email. FRCSE Security does not sponsor visits for external divisions/branches/departments.

Prior to visiting FRCSE, foreign nationals must be sponsored and their visit pre-coordinated via the respective program office, or local FRCSE employee, and the visitor's embassy using the Foreign Visit Request System. The official foreign visitor's embassy located in the U.S. is responsible for submission of Foreign Visit Requests. 
The FRCSE Security Division can be contacted via email at FRCSE_jaxs_741_s.fct@navy.mil for questions and/or identification of any additional requirements.
Members of the news media must be escorted by FRCSE Public Affairs personnel. The PAO can be contacted via email at FRCSEPublicAffairs@us.navy.mil

Anyone other than media escorted by Public Affairs personnel, who wish to take photographs for official use, must have an FRCSE Camera Pass (FRCSE 5500/7 downloadable from the FRCSE SharePoint). The use of cell phones (personal or government issued) for photography is prohibited. All official photographs taken within the facility shall be reviewed prior to release to entities outside of NAVAIR. For more information, refer to FRCSE INSTRUCTION 5500.5B – Physical Security Plan.

Authorized FRCSE visitors will be provided a badge at the Quarterdeck at Bldg. 101 or the Badging Office at Bldg. 168, second deck, west end. Green badges are issued for no escort required and red badges are escort required. The badge must be worn above the waist and be visible AT ALL TIMES. ​FRSCE Badging and Pass Office can be reached at 904-790-5800. Hours are: Monday - Friday from 0630-1530 (M-Thur) and 0630-1430 (Fri).

Below are additional rules and regulations for visiting Fleet Readiness Center Southeast:
1. Prohibited items per title 18 U.S.C. § 930 (d) include: firearms, knives, and other dangerous weapons (bows/arrows, slingshots, metal knuckles, nunchakus, etc.), ammunition, explosives or chemical devices such as mace or pepper spray.
2. Cell phones are allowed in FRCSE for phone calls and text messaging unless use in a specific area is prohibited. Photography, video and audio recording is prohibited without prior written authorization in accordance with FRCSEINST 5510.14A.