Safety Policy Statement
Fleet Readiness Center Southeast (FRCSE) will provide a safe and healthy work environment with the understanding that preserving our employees’ safety and preventing injuries and ill health is of the highest priority.

In doing so, the entire FRCSE team will endeavor to:

•    Develop and maintain a world class Occupational Safety and Health (OS&H) program with clear annual objectives.
•    Support the Safety Management System and continually improve our OS&H system.
•    Make a command-wide commitment to eliminate hazards and reduce OS&H risks.
•    Be swift and proactive in addressing safety concerns at all levels.
•    Watch out for our fellow Shipmates, holding each other accountable.
•    Build upon and maintain a strong positive cooperative relationship with our union partners to facilitate the successful implementation of this policy.
•    Meet or exceed all legal and other requirements to mitigate the hazards in our work spaces. 

This policy is built on the understanding that SAFETY on the production line is the single greatest influence on schedule.  SAFETY is production.  SAFETY is schedule.  SAFETY is readiness.

This policy is guided by the following truism:

People are our #1 asset and there is nothing more important than your safety and health.

Quality Policy
Everyone at Fleet Readiness Center Southeast (FRCSE) has an integral part to play in adhering to all applicable standards and WARFIGHTER requirements.  This policy drives our commitment in meeting our customers’ demands and to never compromise on SAFETY, COMPLIANCE, and QUALITY.
The nature of our business is inherently dangerous.  All employees should understand the importance of reporting all accidents, safety-related issues, hazardous conditions, or behaviors as soon as possible without fear of retribution.  We need you to contribute to the safety and success of the command by sharing this critical information.
We actively encourage ownership and accountability of QUALITY responsibility among all FRCSE employees through continual learning, standard-setting, and communication.
QUALITY is the result of a commitment to the products or services that we produce, maintain, repair, or overhaul through controlled processes, compliance with regulatory and contractual requirements, and continuous process improvement.
To meet WARFIGHTER demands, FRCSE will balance schedule against cost while removing barriers that impact production, never sacrificing QUALITY for schedule or cost.
In order to meet FRCSE’s overall objective, which is to deliver day one, ready-for-use products to the WARFIGHTER, an all hands effort is needed to achieve our SAFETY, COMPLIANCE, and QUALITY objectives.
PRODUCT SAFETY OBJECTIVE: Zero accepted CAT 1 (safety of flight) defects reported by the customer.
COMPLIANCE OBJECTIVE: Maintain >85% internal audit compliance rate.
QUALITY OBJECTIVE: Improve the delivered quality rate of aircraft, engines, and components Year-Over-Year 

21-04 Environmental Policy Statement
Scope of EMS
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