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News | Aug. 18, 2021

Fleet Readiness Center Southeast implements new Kudos App for recognition of personnel

By Ashley Lombardo

The new Kudos App took approximately six-months from inception to deployment and allows users to send direct messages to other FRCSE personnel who are deserving of a pat on the back.

“The Kudos App is a means for FRCSE personnel to say thank you to fellow employees for a job well done,” said Sean Olin, FRCSE’s Strategic Planning Lead. “It is a convenient way for people to show appreciation for the efforts of others, beyond emails and the standard in-person meetings that we already use.”

FRCSE Production Analytics Branch Head, Karla Blaise, introduced the concept to executive leadership after discovering a similar recognition application during her time with Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP).

“Karla told us about NAVSUP’s app and was instrumental in getting us in contact with their points of contact to migrate a similar app here at the depot,” said Holly Martinez, FRCSE’s Executive Director.

The FRCSE IT Department took over and fine-tuned it, focusing on functionality, design and layout. Once the look and function met leadership’s vision, the depot’s IT team executed testing and final deployment to the command’s SharePoint network.

“Our IT department is the heart and soul of this app. They took the core application from NAVSUP and made it ours,” said Martinez. They added a few new categories to recognize our workforce, and an example of that is ‘Diamond Cutter.’ This category highlights a term we commonly use to describe the consummate artisan who has years of experience and is highly skilled in their field of expertise. ”

To send a kudos, personnel must log onto the command’s SharePoint homepage. Once on the homepage, there will be a thumbs up icon that’s clicked to access the app. When logged in, the employee’s dashboard displays four options: Send Kudos, Kudos I’ve Received, Kudos I’ve Sent and All Public Kudos, which allows users to view all kudos that have been made public. Kudos are always sent and received as private messages, unless the recipient decides to make their kudos public.

Further, when sending a kudos, users will find a list that describes the different types of kudos – 19 kinds in total. The categories range from “Diamond Cutter,” mentioned above, to a simple “Made My Day.”

“I think that this app is a great addition to the tools available on the FRCSE SharePoint and is a key element of our culture and engagement,” Olin said. “I hope to see additional kudos given and received among our workforce, as the app is used more. We definitely understand that a simple thank you can go a long way to show appreciation and boost morale.”


About Fleet Readiness Center Southeast

Fleet Readiness Center Southeast (FRCSE) is Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia's largest maintenance, repair, overhaul and technical services provider, employing more than 5,000 civilian, military and contract workers. With annual revenue exceeding $1 billion, the organization serves as an integral part of the greater U.S. Navy, Naval Air Systems Command, and Commander, Fleet Readiness Centers by maintaining the combat airpower for America's military forces.